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Arya Stud Earring silver

The Arya Stud Earring silver is only available upon request, we will make a custom order for you. Please allow a one week lead time.

Material of the Arya Stud is sterling silver and is complimented with a milky white Opal stone.

You can buy the Arya as a pair of two of the same earrings, or as one single piece.
One single piece = € 89,-
Set of two = € 149,-

This item's measurements are:

  • Thickness round wire 1 mm
  • Inside diameter circle 9.5 mm
  • Milky White Opal stone ø 2 mm

Also available in 14ct gold.

"Opal is a stone of inspiration to encourage imagination and creativity. It brings happy dreams, hope and peace." 

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