Materials & Care

We believe that crafting high-end jewelry should go hand in hand with being more environmentally friendly. Research has shown us ways of producing the high-end quality jewelry we aim to make using only high-grade materials. These materials do not compromise on quality and aesthetics but do have far less of a negative ethical and environmental impact.

We decided to add the option of requesting the use of a Lab-made diamond.
Lab-made diamonds are made by re-creating the natural growing process of a diamond using carbon atoms, just like diamonds found in nature. These diamonds are real diamonds and just as unique. They have the same optical, chemical, and physical features. (Except there’s no mining or conflicts involved and they’re truly ethical).

To make sure that there are no questions about the origins of the gold we use, already 75% of our collection is produced with recycled gold. Our goal is to have our jewelry preserved and reimagined. To breathe new life into old jewelry pieces and never discard them.

We firmly believe in seasonless pieces that are tied for life. We produce in small quantities to discourage overproduction. We will release small drops to slowly grow our collection and ensure high quality items that will last you a life time.

As we have an in-house production facility, we can offer you the possibility to produce a one-of-a-kind-piece

Although 14ct gold is a true power trooper, we recommend giving it the love it deserves. To maintain its beauty, use the cloth that comes with every piece of  jewelry. Otherwise scrub it lightly by using a super soft toothbrush, some lukewarm water and dry it well. Store it in an airtight container where it is the least exposed to materials which could possibly damage it. Last but not least, try to avoid chemicals in any way possible.