Lab grown Diamond

Why choose a lab grown diamond over a natural sourced diamond? Well, why not!
The difference between the two is the production process; where the natural diamond is formed in the earth, the other one is made in a lab. The process by which diamonds form in nature is re-created; they use carbon atoms to grow a diamond. Every time a diamond is created, it is unique. Where natural diamonds take millions of years to form, the lab diamond grows in a period of weeks. But in the end, they’re the exact same stone. They have the same chemical makeup and the same optical and physical features. For lab diamonds there’s no mining required, no conflicts involved, there’s less of a carbon footprint, they’re truly ethical and there’s zero questions around origins.

How can you tell the difference? 
To the eye, there is no difference. When testing a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond on a diamond tester, they will both show to be authentic. [Only a scan from an advanced testing machine will be able to reveal the difference in the process that has taken place to create the diamond.]

You can compare it to natural pearls and cultivated pearls. Both are real pearls, except that the natural ones were harvested from the sea by pearl divers, and the cultivated ones are helped a bit by science.